Address:      6 Lima Place Erskine Park NSW 2759

Phone:         02 9670 1237 / 0475138761


Hours:          7.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Age Group:  6 weeks – 6 years


Meet Our Staff


Elizabeth Healey

Centre Director

Associate Diploma in Early Childhood and education and care

My journey through Early Childhood started 17 years ago, I have been working in this industry throughout my adult life. I have a passion for ensuring services are providing quality care to children and families in Early childhood settings. My philosophy promotes the notion that all children are provided with the best quality care in order to prepare them for the next stage in their lives. My passion comes from developing programs, implementing best possible practice and procedures and creating environments that promote exploration, investigation and a love of learning. I have worked as a Centre Director for the last 7 years, it is with great pride I develop, create and implement programs alongside wonderful Educators who share the same commitment to the vision of purposeful and developmentally appropriate outcomes.I believe in encouraging educators to strive for excellence, compassion, excitement and creativity every day. The quality and dedication of your children’s educators have a direct influence on the children’s wellbeing, sense of self and security within the environment. My goal is to ensure all families are treated with dignity and respect, that the service is running and providing high quality care and programs and everyone who utilizes the services are continually benefiting from the success and the warm, welcoming and caring environment. 

A bit about me, my partner and I have 3 fur babies named Bubba, Risky and Kingston. Our time is spent going on walks or I enjoy taking some time out to read a book. I have a big family that I adore and am extremely lucky to have many amazing little people In my life who we get to spend time with.


Dayna Bromage

Assistant Director – Big Explorers Educator

Diploma in Children’s Services

My own personal philosophy is that I believe in creating a nurturing, caring, and loving environment that a child can leap into building an abundance of skills, confidence, within themselves and build trusted friendships with educators and their peers. As an educator, we play a vital role in building this environment. I believe in nurturing each individual child’s strengths and building their confidence with peers, the environment and educators. When an educator builds this environment within a service the children can exceed in developing their social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills. 

A bit about me is that I love the outdoors and like to live an active lifestyle, I enjoy Kayaking on Nepean River, fishing at Narrabeen lakes, going for runs around the neighborhood and going to the gym. I have grown up in Erskine Park and have attended the Public School and the High School in the area. I spend my weekends shopping in the city, socializing with friends and family and travelling up and down the coast line during the warmer weather.


Alison Asciak 


Diploma in Children’s Services - Working towards ECT

Teaching children has always been my passion and I aim to provide children with a loving, caring, nurturing environment that promotes their learning, development, self-esteem and individuality while having a whole heap of fun. I’ll be forever passionate, patient, caring, fair, fun, well-educated and always maintain my professionalism. I believe as an educator it’s my role to go above and beyond because I believe children need feel loved and cared for especially in an educational environment. I aim to build trusting relationships with children and their families because I strongly believe children deserve the opportunity to be supported as they journey to reach their full potential. I strive to meet the needs, strengths, abilities, skills and interest of each individual child by providing children with an environment that’s fulfilling, enriching and supporting of all possible learning and growing opportunities so that each child has the opportunity to reach the next stage of development with confidence in themselves. As an educator I want to provide children opportunities where children can explore, discover, grow, create and imagine through play. I believe that all children should be treated equality and their culture, language and beliefs should be embraced, acknowledged and encouraged. I am committed to do any necessary training to further my knowledge and skills in children’s services which will increase my understanding and learning.

A bit about me, I enjoy sending time with my husband and two beautiful children. In my personal time, especially on the weekends I love spending time with my family by going up the coast, going to the movies, playing at the park and going on play dates. I also enjoy spending time with my husband by going out to dinner and just spending quality time together. During the week, I enjoy training and socialising with my friends. When my children are in bed asleep I do enjoy watching Netflix and catching up on all my series.


Ena Topping


Diploma in Children’s services

I believe Early Childhood Educators play an important role in each child’s life and I believe our students are our future. Each one of our students has the potential to bring something unique and special into the world. It is a privilege and honour to work alongside the children’s families to ensure the children feel safe, secure and supported. My aim is for our children to explore in a creative, challenging and stimulating environment whilst having fun, engaging with their peers and learning through play. My role as an Educator involves maximizing the learning experiences for all children. This is attainable by accommodating physical, social and intellectual needs, learning styles, diversity of culture, linguistics, religion and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as promoting social interactions, a stimulating learning environment and student interest. My pedagogy encompasses inclusivity, respect and positive relationships as vital factors in achieving outcomes and creating a valuable learning environment for all.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my family, go bushwalking, swimming, reading and enjoying life. 

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