Address:      1 Dilga Crescent Erskine Park NSW 2759

Phone:          02 98343399


Hours:          7.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Age Group:  6 weeks – 6 years


Meet Our Staff


Kelly Greig

Centre Director – Educator

Associate Diploma in social science- child care

I choose to work in the child care industry because I enjoy watching, supporting, assisting and being involved in the children's growth, learning and development. I was influenced by having great teachers that supported my growth and development in my early years of schooling. I feel I am very creative, can think outside the box and really enjoy music/ movement and group times which encourage children to want to be a part of these experiences. I feel the first 5 years of a child's life is very important as they absorb a lot of information, skills and knowledge to respond to their environment and world. I feel I relate to children by listening to their point of view, setting up experiences to cater for their independence, needs, strengths, interest, development and foster great relationship between families and their child/children. I believe in creating interesting and exciting learning areas which enriches their lives, sparks interest, builds on children's strengths, development and needs. I feel it is important to broaden children's understanding in their world and community by providing local and community visitors to the centre. I also believe it is important to respect children as individuals, respect and acknowledge their culture, traditions and heritage. I feel all children have the right to have an education, to learn new skills and build social relationships and social skills with children their own age. 

I like to spend time with my family in my spare time. I like to go on holidays and spend time at the beach. I like to spend time in my garden growing vegetables, listening to music and love watching movies. I spend a lot of my spare time researching and creating new and exciting resources for the children to enjoy and play with at the centre. 


Supinder (Sue) Bains

Assistant Director – Big Explore Educator


Diploma in Children’s Services –  Working towards ECT

The reason I decided to pursue a career in child care is because I believe that play and social interaction is necessary in a child’s everyday routine/development.  I enjoy being able to help children along their journey in learning and discovering new concerts, ideas and experiences. My ambition is to care for children in a loving environment, giving each a sense of belonging, while helping them to identify and build on their strengths and praising their achievements. Children define themselves by their strengths. I enjoy watching children grow and encourage children to learn through play. We know that children’s early learning directly influences their future development, setting them up for success in school, and for confident and happy adult lives. I believe in creating a home away from home and making sure the children develop, knowing the meaning of Belonging, Being & Becoming.

I like to spend time with my son, Nishan, and my husband. We love to go out on days trips, explore and see new places.  I also like to look on Pinterest looking for interesting crafts and activities for my group.



Lucy Rollo


Certificate III in Children’s Services

I feel that it is a privilege to work with children and feel that each child should be taught in a way that works for them. My passion is working with children with additional needs children. I feel its important to always further develop my knowledge through training this enables me to provide the best possible care I can. I enjoy helping children to grow and develop and am thrilled when they reach any of their goals or milestones.

I have many hobbies outside of the childcare in industry and love to cook and bake foods for my family and friends.


Cassandra Ghazawy


Trainee - Certificate III

The reason why I chose and pursue a career in child care is because I truly enjoy being able to help and educate children along their journey in learning and discovering new concepts, ideas and experiences. It is fulfilling knowing that we as educators help open children’s minds and see things through their eyes. As long as I can remember educating children as always been my passion. 

I believe that the early years of a child is an important part of their journey as an individual. It is in their early years where exposure to a range of experiences and interactions with their families, peers and educators are an important aspect to their growth and learning development. I believe that young children have an enormous potential for growth, learning and achievement in every aspect of their life.

As a trainee in a child care environment, it gives me the opportunity to extend my knowledge of the important and necessary needs of every children and what tools are useful for their growth and learning development.

In my spare time I would spend it with my family by watching movies and on weekends I enjoy going out for a drive around Sydney with family and friends. I love exploring new areas and discovering the purpose of it.


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