Each early learning centre has created a school readiness program that has been created to prepare pre-schooler for school. Each program is personalised for each centre and can also be personalised for each child’s individual needs. At The Oak Seed, we work with families to help prepare that children for school while doing this in a fun and relaxing environment.  



Each service has set times throughout the week and/or day where they will focus on developing and practicing essential skills for schools, such as listening and talking in a group dynamic, reinforcing basic literacy and numeracy skills, and self help skills such as dressing, toileting, and looking after our own belongings. We continue to practice and develop our social skills, and we also work closely with local schools to create as positive a transition to big school as possible. Educators deliver this program with careful consideration of the children’s abilities. Children’s interests and strength’s are used as a vehicle for the delivery of the learning - we want the children to have fun and to look forward to learning. We want children’s belief in themselves to grow, for the children to think “I can!” as they learn new skills.


The Oak Seed offers a voluntary homework program, which can work in conjunction with our Library Book Program. Families have the opportunity to purchase a Homework Book, this book has been created to help further develop each child’s literacy and numeracy skills. The children can take their Homework Book home each week to complete this at home, once a section of this is completed they are welcomed to bring it back to the centre to be ‘marked’. This is always a positive experience for children as what they have completed is celebrated. 




Each child is able to pick a book to home each week. Families are encouraged to read and share this book with their child, as reading aloud and sharing stories with your child is a great way to spend time together. Reading and storytelling also helps promote language, literacy and brain development. As the most important people in a child’s life, the example set when parents read with children plays a hugely significant influence in a child developing a positive attitude to literacy, laying a strong foundation for learning to read successfully.