Each room allows and encourages children to learn at their own pace, when they are ready and receptive to learning. While working alongside families The Oak Seed aims to help and assist children meet milestones as well as developmental and social goals, all while feeling secure and supported. 

Children will always be encouraged to voice their thoughts and ideas, to further their self-help skills while increasing their independence, and to grow in self-confidence while developing vital social skills. We support a child’s sense of wonder and engagement in the natural environment while nurturing an understanding of our responsibility towards its care. Our learning environments and educators also promote mathematical, literacy and sciences skills by engaging their curiosity and finding the teaching moments throughout each day in the children’s play and interests.


Our Nursery Room caters for children who are 6 weeks to 2 years old providing the highest quality care in a nurturing environment designed with the parent and child in mind. Whilst in our care, the children are stimulated with engaging activities as they learn through exploration and play. Our educators blend care, direction, stimulation and lots of cuddles to create a toddler specific program (note: not available in all centres)


The aim of junior preschool is to encourage children to interact with one another while taking part in play based and planned learning experience. The educational program provides children with choices, allowing them to solve challenges while developing their social, literacy, mathematics and self-help skills.


For children who will attend school the following year. Enabling children to create a sense of belonging at The Oak Seed allows children to build a strong learning foundation, this will help to prepare children for Kindergarten and beyond. Children are encouraged to wonder, explore and discover as they are given the opportunity to take part in play based and planned learning experiences to further develop their knowledge and learning.

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