About Us


The Oak Seed Early Learning Centres are privately owned and operated early education and care centres that passionately believe in creating a beautiful environment for young children aged birth to five years to build their lifelong love of learning.


The Oak Seed is committed to providing a high quality program, implemented by a team of qualified and experienced educators. Your child will receive the nurturing, continuity of care and stimulation that is so important to their development, in surroundings where they feel happy and comfortable.


Our Philosophy

I once asked a mother, “What is it you want for your son?” She simply replied, “I just want him to be happy!”  This comment forms the basis for our philosophy.

We believe in:


Love of Learning

·      Inspiring to learn, to grow, to develop ideas, beliefs and values.

·      Inspiring to love the discoveries of new and to commit to wanting to know more.

·      Nurturing the children’s natural desire to learn by providing intriguing, exciting and stimulating experiences relevant to each child’s world.


Connections and Relationships

·      Fostering positive relationships between children, families and staff through family involvement and open communication.


Home Environment

·      Providing a ‘home away from home’ where children can express themselves freely.

·      Providing an environment rich with music and language with a strong focus on social skill development.

·      A safe and supportive environment where children can try new and exciting activities to enhance their overall development.


Diversity and Inclusion

·      Demonstrating and practicing inclusion of diversity through music, language and play.

·      Encouraging a community environment for children to develop respect and appreciation of themselves, others and the environment.



“Most importantly, we want your child to be happy!”


We welcome your involvement to review and contribute your ideas to our philosophy and program. We acknowledge the role of families and their views of best practice at home and at the centre. The Oak Seed is a family service and wishes to reflect all families’ individual beliefs and personal philosophies of child-care.